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Celebrate Christmas With Delicious Cakes

Few things go along better than Christmas and delicious food. A traditional Christmas party contains tasty main courses and delicious cakes. And just because Christmas dinner receives too much focus, that doesn’t mean you should let Christmas dessert slip by the wayside. These simple Christmas cakes are going to look perfect at your dessert table, and they’re sure to be loved by young and old visitors. If you’re searching for something colourful and cheerful like a red velvet cake or something innovative and new like a chocolate chip cookie pound cake, here are the best holiday cake recipes to create this year and every year.

Christmas Cakes

Let us tell you about our items in the words of Expert Chefs:

Waitrose & Partners No.1 Richly Fruited Christmas Cake:

This year’s finest Christmas cake is topped with golden stars, snowflakes and shimmering edible glitter. Zesty citrus increases the scent of this cake, which also has traces of brandy, cinnamon and ginger. Incredibly moist in colour, we liked the finely balanced flavour of the icing that works well with the acidity of the citrus fruit zest and almonds.

Fuit Cake

Christmas Collection Christmas Cake:

Snowflakes and pearls adorn this winter wonderland with a cake that is our runner up in the best Christmas cake category this year. It’s packed full of dried grapefruit and glacé cherries with a nice, fruity fragrance that has a lovely touch of brandy. Rich in taste and well-balanced spices, this strong yet moist cake is encased in even layers of icing and marzipan.

Booths Sherry & Rum Iced Christmas Cake:

Trailing our top-of-the-line Christmas cake by only one notch, this cake is topped with a man-shaped gingerbread cut in the icing that exposes a smooth, but somewhat crumbly, spicy sponge. Testers welcomed fragrant marzipan and grapefruit, as well as a warm mixture of spices. The flavour is balanced; the sponge is steeped in notes of cinnamon and ginger, whilst the dried fruit and rum lend it a special Christmas flare.

Delicious Cakes

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Holly Wreath Iced Fruit Christmas Cake

Finished with an edible holly gold wreath, this fruit cake is full of grapefruit, nuts, glacé cherries and candied citrus peel. It has a beautiful fruity fragrance and mildly spicy notes that bring warmth to the palate. There’s a strong mixture of dried fruit, but some of our testers find the flavour too sweet and they feel somewhat dry.

Fruit Cakes

Daylesford Organic Christmas Cake:

An amazing quantity of fruit and nut tops this un-iced cake, which has a fruity fragrance laced with a rich brandy. Traditional in flavour, our testers enjoyed the diverse combination of chewy grapefruit, cherries, oranges and apricots and the comparison of crunchy nuts. Some though, considered the flavour to be mildly acidic, and some commented that the texture was a little dry.

Meg Rivers Cakes

Meg Rivers Stag Motif Traditional Fully Iced Christmas Cake:

Perfectly iced with a golden stag theme, this light-coloured fruit cake is generously stuffed with currants, raisins, sultanas and walnut bits, covered in a somewhat chewy icing. It has a buttery scent of traces of ginger and cloves. This dense cake has a sweet fruitiness, but others find it too sweet, and the flavour of the nuts was overwhelming.

Reindeer Cake:

Reindeer Cake:

If you transform it into a reindeer or decorate this cake with your own artistic idea, it’s a three-layer stunner at the centre stage of your next holiday get-together.

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